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100% of donations go towards ZAKA

Bring Them Home features all of the names of the hostages currently being held in Gaza. Creating this artwork was a form of praying for each and every one of them.

The Prayer for the IDF features a hand painted blue border encompassing the words of Misheberach for the soldiers.

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About ZAKA 

Zaka Search and Rescue is a nonprofit organization that responds to disasters around the world in 24 hours or less. 


ZAKA volunteers are ready for every emergency call, at all hours of the day. Every terrorist attack or incident, they arrive to do their job faithfully, locating, rescuing, identifying and collecting human remains,  to bring them to appropriate burial in Israel.

The work that ZAKA volunteers do is some of the most holy and selfless work. The laws involving the treatment of the deceased are both complex and intricate. There is such a high degree of respect for the dead, including not leaving the body unattended from the moment of death until burial, removing any spilled blood from the ground, and doing everything possible to bury the body in its completeness. In the horrors that transpired on the 7th of October, ZAKA hero's risked their lives to search and rescue with all their hearts and souls.

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